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We provide linux web hosting with the DirectAdmin control panel. A multitude of web apps can be easily installed and configured with the Installatron plugin which is included with all hosting packages.

About Us:

Shaw Consulting was officially born in June of 2003. The company was created in order to formalize a partnership in a web hosting business called Sitespace. We were 3 guys who each had years of expertise and knowledge about the inter-workings of the Internet. We came together, pooled our resources and began to grow. After a few years we had filled a rack in a datacenter and provided reliable Linux and Windows hosting. In 2005 we split up the company 3 ways. Shaw Consulting continued to provide reliable hosting to its customers and also began to offer a broader range of services aimed at small businesses. Today we utilize our years of experience and hundreds of industry contacts bring an even wider range of services and expertise. Our motto is, "If we can't do it, we know someone who can." If you have an Information Technology need, be assured that Shaw Consulting can help. Contact us today! We want your business!